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Our Vision for the Future

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn - Wouldn't it be nice to know someone had your back!

True Repair is founded on a vision to make automotive care burden free. Everything from dealing with the mechanic's jargon, to knowing the fair price to pay for service is frustrating. Hence True Repair™.. So see what our experts can do for you!

Car Mechanics

Our Story

Our story comes from a small Central NY town where my father ran a dealership that despite size outperformed all else. I still see, and meet his happy customers years after his departure from the area because of his genuine personality. 

He was happy to encourage people in taking the best or most cost effective way, even if it meant losing the business. Growing up with this I wanted to share this experience with everyone.. So we developed a way to leverage technology and information to just that! Just try us.. We'll literally give you the first experience on us, because we trust our experts, and will grow from your advice over time to best fit the needs our people!

Thank you...

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